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Honor is the place of beginnings with God. When we honor God, His blessings begin. The degree to which we honor God, and the things of God, is the degree to which He will honor us, and the degree to which we will experience the blessings of God. This is God's Honor System.

However, God's Honor System goes much deeper. Dr. Siddiki says, "Over time honor will determine how much you accomplish in your life...Honor will affect your life more than talent, more than education, more than background, and more than your network of friends...Honor is who you are, and every decision you make is a reflection of that honor."

In this insightful two-part series you will learn:

 •Honor is an outward reflection of an inward connection
 •Dishonor limits the grace of God
 •Honor comes with many rewards
 •We must honor our spouse in order to receive the grace of life and have our prayers answered
 •We activate God's Honor System when we honor one another
 •And much more!

"Let me share with you the revelation of God's Honor System which I received from the Lord. I believe this revelation will literally bring about a revolution in your life!"  Dr. Siddiki
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MP3 God's Honor System Vol 2

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