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Join Dr Siddiki on a trip of a life time. As you watch these DVDs you will be transformed. We will take you to the places where Jesus walked and taught the Word of God. We will take you on a boat similar to the one He would have been on the Sea of Galilee. You will witness first hand where Jesus feed the 5000, rebuked the storm and walked on water. You will stand on the Mt of Beatitudes and hear the words of our Savior when He taught in that natural Amphitheater. You will walk through Capernaum and experience where most of the healing miracles occurred. Finally, you will see the water baptism in the River Jordan where Jesus was filled and led by the Spirit of God.

We will take you to the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus committed to go to the cross. You will walk the Via Della Rosa where Jesus carried the cross. Finally, you will take communion in the garden tomb knowing He has risen.

As you watch these DVDs, listen to the teaching and experience the words of prophesy, the Bible will come alive in a way you have never imagined. You will be transformed.

The Holy Land Experience 4 DVD SERIES

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