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Honor is the place of beginnings with God. When we honor God, His blessings begin. The degree to which we honor God, and the things of God, is the degree to which He will honor us, and the degree to which we will experience the blessings of God. This is God's Honor System.

When we understand God's Honor System we can experience all His blessings, because all of His blessings flow through it. For example, the commandment to honor your parents comes with a blessing and the promise "that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth" (Eph. 6:2-3). Why? Because when we honor our parents we are honoring God. And, that's when that blessing begins!

In this dynamic series you will learn:

 •You can't dishonor God and expect Him to honor you
 •The umbrella of grace is over the pathway of honor
 •How to honor God with the tithe and offering
 •How honor is tied to character and integrity
 •Never try to get honor, instead, learn how to give honor
 •And much more!

"Let me share with you the revelation of God's Honor System which I received from the Lord. I believe this revelation will literally bring about a revolution in your life!"  Dr. Siddiki

God's Honor System Vol 1 6 CDS

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