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When we get to know the person of the Holy Spirit we will experience all that He has been sent to do. The Holy Spirit will guide us, help us, and even show us things about our future. Jesus said He would not leave us alone but send another Comforter like Himself to be with us forever. Learn Who He is and enjoy the richness of His presence in your life every day.

Dr. Siddiki says, "God came to live in you to take over. We have to give up control... We need to let the Holy Spirit make every decision. Everything should be based on the leading of the Holy Spirit. He will never lead you into sin; He will never lead you into a wrong decision... The Holy Spirit leads us to profit, not to fail. Christians are failing and struggling because they are not being led."

In this series you will learn:

 •The Holy Spirit is a gift from God and our Comforter
 •God's desire is that we be filled with the Holy Spirit
 •The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is a commandment from God and for every believer
 •Speaking in other tongues is the evidence of His presence
 •Those who are Spirit-led are called sons of God

Join Dr. Nasir Siddiki as he teaches about the unique role the Holy Spirit has within every believer and get to know the Holy Spirit like you have never known Him before.

The Person of the Holy Spirit 6 CDS

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