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Learn the last great revelation needed to operate in God's miracle-working power! Jesus wants His body to do His works - and greater works!

God's kingdom and His miracles don't happen arbitrarily, instead, they function through spiritual laws. You can learn how to do the works of Jesus when you learn those laws and the kingdom process behind them.

In the fourth series of this dynamic teaching you will learn:

 •You become ineffective when you allow the devil to steal the Word
 •The kingdom of God functions by spiritual laws
 •Jesus couldn't do anything in His own strength
 •We must learn to say only what the Father says
 •When we start speaking His words His works will always follow

Let Dr. Siddiki teach you how to step into the supernatural. Learn the kingdom process and rule your world with the Word of God!
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MP3 How to Do the Works of Jesus Vol 4

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