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Discover the last great revelation needed in the body of Christ before the Lord's return - the revelation of God's miracle-working power! Signs, wonders and miracles will become common place when the church understands the kingdom process.

Dr. Siddiki says, "The kingdom of God functions by spiritual laws. These laws produce and function in a process. Learn the process and we will see the miracles of Jesus every time."

In the second series of this dynamic teaching you will learn:

 •If we want to get what Jesus got we will have to do what Jesus did
 •All physical and natural processes are subordinate to spiritual processes
 •When we learn the kingdom processes they will work every time
 •"Ask and you will receive" is a spiritual process
 •God has a plan for us - we have to find the process to manifest it

Step into the supernatural with Dr. Siddiki and learn how to operate in the laws of our kingdom. Your walk with God will never be the same!
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MP3 How to Do the Works of Jesus Vol 2

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