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In Genesis 1:28, God empowered mankind with the first law of the voice activated system. The empowerment was the ability to create with words. Mankind could now speak things into existence. When God empowered mankind He restricted His own authority to what was spoken through man. God no longer has the authority and He wants us to learn His language and be His mouth piece!

Dr. Siddiki says, "Words frame our world. We have allowed our senses to govern what we say and do. It is better to say nothing than to say the wrong thing. You will have what you say so say what you want to have."

In Volume Four of this vital series you will learn:

• God wants you to use His language
• He is waiting for your declaration
• The voice activated system is neither positive nor negative
• Tell it like you want it to be, not like it is
• Your body will respond to what you say
• The good fight of faith is fought with your words

If we want to see God's greater blessings in our lives we have to learn and use His language. In this inspiring series, find out from Dr. Siddiki how to speak the language of eternity and turn on God's voice activated system in your life.
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MP3 Voice Activated System Vol 4

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