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The Flawless Prayer is one that always works and always changes your future. We must be known, not just as a praying church, but as one that gets prayers answered!

According to Dr. Siddiki, Romans 8:28 could say, "But all things don't always work together for the good. We all go through trials and attacks from the enemy. Now learn how to change that with the flawless prayer so all things can work for the good."

In this dynamic series you will discover:

 •The nine types of prayer
 •The two elements necessary for successful praying
 •How to pray to give God legal entry to change your situation
 •How to pray the flawless prayer
 •To effectively pray out God's plan and your future

This is your opportunity to learn about the Flawless Prayer and move into the perfect will of God... then all things will work together for the good of those that love God and are called according to His will.
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MP3 The Flawless Prayer

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