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Everything that God did, He did through words. Everything we do, we do through our words. When we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we are endowed with power. We may not have great physical strength or soaring intellectual power, but we can operate in the power of the Holy Spirit by using our mouth to proclaim the Word of God.

God said and it was - that's how the universe was created. Kings rule and reign by their words. They make a decree and expect it to come to pass. Jesus is the King of kings and we serve Him as kings and priests. We need to learn, as kings and priests, to believe and decree the restoration of all things in our lives.

In this Restoration series you will learn:

 •The vital role our faith has in our restoration
 •Doubt is an enemy of your faith
 •Real faith is always past tense
 •Every circumstance is subject to change
 •Faith is the currency of the spiritual realm

Our God is a God of restoration and He wants to restore to you and in you everything the devil has broken in your life. Faith is the key to this restoration. Let Dr. Siddiki help build your faith for the restoration of all things!
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MP3 The Restoration of All Things Vol 4

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