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Do you have power filled faith or the ordinary kind? Let Dr. Siddiki teach you how to put power to your faith! Faith without works, actions and deeds of obedience is destitute of power (James 2:17, Amplified). Your faith must be seen by God. Faith that cannot be seen cannot manifest in the earth. Faith without works is alleged faith, nonproductive faith and incomplete faith.

Your faith is demonstrated through your seed. God measures your faith by the measure of your seed. God's heavenly currency is faith and it is measured by your seed. Your faith gives things substance; more substance needs more faith, more faith needs more Word.

In this dynamic six part series you will learn:

• Our covenant can only be activated by faith
• Your part of the covenant has always been faith
• If you've got joy in the middle of a trial-then you're walking by faith
• God is a rewarder, not a robber
• You cannot lose a fight of faith-you can only quit a fight of faith
• The devil can't kill you-but your tongue can

With the revelation of putting power to your faith you can determine your own destiny in the Lord. Learn how to put power to your faith and let your faith take you to your next level in God!
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MP3 How to Put Power to Your Faith

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