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God has an awesome plan for your life, but it has to be prayed out for you to walk in it. Without prayer God's plan for you is like the oak tree held captive in the acorn - tremendous potential, but no fulfillment.

In this series, Dr. Siddiki reveals the nine types of prayer found in the scriptures and explains those that will help you pray out God's plan for your life. Divine appointments and open doors are waiting for you on the other side of an effective prayer life.

In this teaching you will learn:
•  How to give God legal entry into your life
•  The two critical elements to every successful prayer
•  God's will doesn't happen automatically
•  How to pray the will of God
•  What is the demand of faith
•  You don't need to pray for things anymore

Prayer lays the tracks for the perfect plan of God in your life. A train doesn't travel very far without tracks. The same is true in your life without effective prayer. In this six part teaching, Dr. Siddiki will both inspire you and instruct you to pray out the wonderful plan God has for your life.
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MP3 Praying Out God's Plan

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