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You are a spiritual being living in a natural realm. We truly are citizens of heaven representing God in this visible realm. By definition you are therefore a portal of the kingdom of God. You are God's connection to this natural realm - without you He cannot influence this world! He needs you to bring His goodness into the earth. When you recognize you are a portal of the kingdom then you can bring more of His glory and presence wherever you go!

Dr. Siddiki says, "God is waiting for you to learn the Word, walk in authority, rule and reign as a king in life, be led by the Spirit of God... and then you will release the Kingdom and open the portals of heaven!"

In part-five of this dynamic series you will learn:

 •Three ways to open the portals
 •Be continually filled with the Holy Spirit to keep the portals flowing
 •Identify toxic thoughts that block the portals
 •Stress allowed and accepted is dangerous
 •What closes the portals of the Kingdom

Learn from Dr. Siddiki about the portals of heaven and be everything God wants you to be as His child. Shake off the bonds and boundaries that have held you back from being a portal for His Kingdom!
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MP3 Opening the Portals of the Kingdom Vol 5

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