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We are the portals for the Kingdom of heaven! The glory, power, love and anointing of God is in us. Heaven is in us waiting to come out. We are the portals for God to manifest His power and His Kingdom in the earth.

Dr. Siddiki says, "The spirit realm is already here. You and I are the portals for the spirit realm to manifest in the natural realm. It's our job to learn about the portal and to keep it open. The devil will give you thoughts and words, trials and troubles and situations to consume your time so the portals of heaven never open."

In part-two of this life-changing series you will learn:

 •Faith-filled words connect God's realm with ours
 •You can't reign in life until you open the portal
 •There are blockers that shut the portals
 •If you can't control your thoughts the portal will close
 •Opening portals creates manifestations and demonstrations

When we learn about portals and how to keep them open we will finish what Jesus started! God is waiting for you to learn the Word, walk in authority, rule and reign as a king in life, be led by the Spirit of God, go where He tells you to go, say what He tells you to say, do what He tells you to do, and then you will release the Kingdom and open the portals of heaven!
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MP3 Opening the Portals of the Kingdom Vol 2

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