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Joshua found himself in the midst of a challenging situation; Moses had died and now he had to take God's people into the land of promise - a land filled with giants. How would Joshua accomplish this when all the odds and the giants were against him? In this exciting series, Dr. Siddiki will show you how Joshua and the Children of Israel possessed their promise land and how you too can possess your promise land.

Like Joshua, you have to decide what you're going to think and believe. Are you a grasshopper or a child of God? Never allow your circumstances and the giants confronting you to determine what you think. If you do, fear will exaggerate the problems and minimize what God can do in your life.

In this series, Dr. Siddiki teaches:
•  Fear will cause you to forget your victories and rehearse your defeats
•  Fear can destroy your destiny and keep you in the desert for 40 years
•  FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real
•  God has a plan for your life and only disobedience can stop it
•  The giants are grasshoppers in God's sight

Is the voice of God's plan for you louder than the voice of the circumstances you face? Your promised land is waiting to yield to every step of faith you take. Learn from Dr. Siddiki How to Possess Your Promised Land and enjoy your promised destiny in God!
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MP3 How to Possess Your Promise Land

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