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Dr. Siddiki reveals that reaching your next level of faith is based upon understanding seven key truths. These truths will keep you connected to God's plan for your life and allow you to walk in His perfect will.

Dr. Siddiki says, "Don't spend 40 years on a journey that should only take 11 days. Your next level of faith and blessing are waiting for you! Learn how to fight the good fight of faith and find your purpose and God's plan."

In this dynamic two-part series you will discover:

 •The process of faith that leads to your next level of faith
 •Your mouth can become a weapon of mass self-destruction
 •Always be in the perfect will of God when you follow His plan in His timing
 •You have to be in Him to fulfill His plan for your life
 •Your blessing is connected to your purpose and His plan
 •Jesus didn't use His faith for His provision; He used His faith for His purpose

Are you ready to go to your next level of faith? This is your opportunity to start the process of faith that will take you there. Let Dr. Siddiki teach you how to please God, walk in His plan, and go to your next level of faith.
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MP3 The Next Level of Faith Vol 2

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