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In this series Dr. Siddiki reveals the Laws of Confession and applies these laws to challenges Christians face every day. Confirming words are part of the meditation process and they build our faith. Commanding words change the situations we face. Commanding words cause mountains to move. Commanding words bring health and healing. When Christians use both confirming words and commanding words correctly, their faith becomes limitless.

In this teaching you will learn:
• How to speak the Word until the Word speaks to you
• That your ears and mouth are both faith gates--faith enters your ears and exits your mouth
• How to take the "faith test" and see if you are truly in faith
• That if you are immovable, the mountains move; if you move, mountains won't
• That you don't get what you pray for; you get what you have evidence for
• Thanksgiving is an expression of faith taht releases the anointing and power
• Thanksgiving is the access code into the presence of God

Let the Lord Jesus Christ be the "High Priest of your confession" (Hebrews 3:1) by learning the laws of confession--the law of confirming words and the law of commanding words. Then you will see every mountain in your life move.
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MP3 The Laws of Confession

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