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Your seed can change your life...

Your seed has tremendous potential and under the right circumstances it can produce an amazing harvest in your life. Sowing seed is so much more than throwing money in a bucket at offering time. Discover in this teaching series the key principles to unlocking the potential of your seed.

In the natural realm a seed needs nutrients to be able to yield a harvest. It is the same in the spritual realm. In order to be successful we need to find out what it is that feeds our seed the necessary nutrients for a bountiful harvest.

In this series you will learn:
• Which spiritual nutrients are vital to your seeds growth
• How faith brings your future into your present
• How faith must be released the moment seed is released
• Your faith must be working while you wait for the harvest
• Your measure of faith determines your measure of harvest

Begin learning today about the life-changing power of your seed. Like the apple seed, your potential harvest is hidden within your seed. It is waiting to be released. With the proper nutrients, your seed will bring forth an abundant harvest.
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MP3 Life-Changing Power of Your Seed

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