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The kingdom of heaven is at hand and Jesus wants to hand it to you! As a child of God we can chose to live in the glorious kingdom of heaven and its kingdom culture here on earth, or we can chose to live under the cruel rules of the kingdom of darkness and this world.

Christianity never was and never will be a religion. It is the culture of heaven itself. It is an entirely new way of life and living. God's kingdom culture will impact your marriage, your children, your job, your finances, your relationships and your future!

In Kingdom Culture you will learn:
• How to bring God's kingdom culture into every part of your life
• You can rule and reign as a king when you understand kingdom culture
• Kingdom culture thoughts bring higher results
• Understanding kingdom culture is understanding kingdom authority
• Jesus prayed, "Thy Kingdom culture come...
• Most Christians are living in both kingdom culture and the world's culture and getting mixed results

Are you ready to step over to the other side? Not heaven, but the kingdom of heaven here on this earth! As a Christian it is your right to walk in kingdom culture and enjoy kingdom results. Let Dr. Siddiki show you how to use the keys of kingdom culture and unlock the kingdom of heaven in your life! (Matthew 16:19)
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