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Dr. Siddiki says, "The blessing includes the gifts and the creative power of God. The blessing is who we are, what we should do; it is our identity, our capacity, and our call."

In Dr. Siddiki's message, you'll discover that the blessing is for every believer. However, if you're not in the right position you will miss out on the blessing that belongs to you.

In this series, you will learn:
•  How to position yourself to be blessed
•  Understand the process of being blessed
•  That you are, in fact, the blessing
•  To rejoice when you "say it", not when you "see it"
•  How to be a vessel of blessing to others
•  What the role of love is in the blessing
•  How Jesus operated in the blessing

If you would like to be a person through whom the blessing flows, this message will inspire you to be blessed and be a blessing like Jesus. Position yourself to receive God's maximum blessing in your life and let God use you to change the world!
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MP3 How the Blessings Flow

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