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The Governor of the Kingdom has been sent! He is here today and He lives inside you. Since you have been born again you have been a part of a new kingdom - the Kingdom of God's Son. The Holy Spirit came so you can learn about this new kingdom and all its wonders. Previously, you were in servitude to a different kingdom with different rules. The Governor was sent to teach you the new kingdom laws, benefits, and principles so you can live in and enjoy the benefits of the kingdom.

Dr. Siddiki says, "The Governor was sent to help us manifest God's kingdom on this earth. The Governor was sent to help you change the way you think, talk and live. He has also given you the book with everything you need to know about the new kingdom."

In this revelation-filled series by Dr. Siddiki you will learn:

• If you will allow Him, the Governor will take over your life
• We can bring the Kingdom everywhere we go
• You can live in your circumstances or live in Him
• When we say what you want to say you thwart God's plan
• The Kingdom is God's way of doing things

Let Dr. Siddiki teach you about the new kingdom and our new governor, the Holy Spirit. With His help you can enjoy the benefits of the Kingdom and fulfill your Kingdom assignment!
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MP3 The Holy Spirit: Governor of the Kingdom

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