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During the Apostle Paul's journey to Rome he was shipwrecked and lost everything. Paul appeared to have nothing, yet he had everything because he possessed spiritual fullness. Before he left for Rome, he declarded to the Romans that he would come to them in the fullness of the extravagant blessing. In the midst of Paul's trial he became a 'blessing administrator' to the natives on the island. In turn, God used them to bless Paul so that when he arrived in Rome he was walking in the fullness of God's extravagant blessing just as he foresaw and fore spoke.

In this anointed teaching by Dr. Siddiki you will learn:
•  How to become a 'blessing administrator' like Paul
•  How to find your seat of blessing and authority
•  How to foresee and forespeak
•  To let Jesus be the High Priest of your confession
•  That you are a king and priest appointed by God
•  To see what God sees and say what God says

The Extravagant Blessing 3 DVD SERIES

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