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Every church in America has sick people and Christians who die early. This ought not to be; if Jesus carried every sickness and disease at the cross. The Bible goes on to say that He defeated death, but Christians are dying early.

After some extensive study, I discovered the single reason why this is happening in the churches. When you take communion without the full recognition and understanding of what happened at the cross, you open the door for sickness and early death. In this series, I teach the fullness of what happened at the cross because this must be recognized before you take communion. I believe this series will totally transform your life.

In this series you will learn:

 •What was the purpose of communion?
 •Communion taken unworthily brings sickness and early death to Christians
 •All the things that happened at the cross, not just salvation
 •A demand of what was finished at the cross
 •90% of prayers are answered through the prayer of faith
 •How to take the prayer from amen to complete manifestation

The Prayer of Faith Vol 2

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