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Knowing your position in the body of Christ is the first step in unleashing the unlimited, immeasurable power in you. You must know where you are seated and who you are so you can use this power in your everyday life. We as Christians have been given all authority and power through the name of Jesus and it is our responsibility to use it!

In this series you will learn how to live and function from this position of authority and power in the following areas:

 •Finding God's ultimate plan
 •Unleashing the unlimited, immeasurable power in you
 •By Grace... I got the Power
 •How to be more than a conqueror and an overcomer
 •Equipment for your purpose

Your life will not be the same after you get this revelation. You will understand how to rule and reign from a position of power, demanding circumstances to line up with what was already done at the cross. You will learn how to pray for others and get your prayers answered. Finally, you will learn who you are in Christ.

The Position of All Power

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